Global Millennial Model United Nations

We are a programme that simulates the United Nations meeting, and teaches the youth regarding diplomacy, negotiation and bring awareness to international issues.

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What will you get?


International Networking

GM MUN will become a platform that connects you with youth from all over the world.

International Certificate

By joining GM MUN, you will get a certificate that is recognized at UN, international organizations and other international institutions.

Diplomatic and Leadership

As a role model of the diplomat, you will learn how to negotiate with others through diplomatic and leadership.

Become Changemaker

Discussing the current world issue with youth over the world and addressing the solutions together will be the best experience in the GM MUN. You are able to share your idea for a better future world.

Public Speaking Skills

GM MUN will provide you with a lot of chances to practice your public speaking. There will also be a feedback session so you will know how to be better next time.

Academic Writing Skills

In GM MUN you are required to write several academic papers. However, we will provide a mentoring platform, called MUN School, to assist you.

What makes us different?

Global Millennial Model United Nations not only provides the competition arena, but also several programs for your self-improvement, like the MUN School, feedback session, and diplomat dialogue. We always ensure the best quality of academics in every edition. We will assist the youth to deliver their idea toward the current world issue comprehensively and systematically.

Moreover, Global Millennial Model United Nations will provide you with the real experience of the current diplomat in the pandemic situation through virtual negotiation and lobbying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Global Millennial Modal United Nation ? How to do registration ? What is MUN school ? The Answers to these and more can be found below.


Everyone can be part of GM MUN as delegates because we believe in the spirit of learning and equal chance. However, we maintain academic quality by limiting the quota of delegates. Meanwhile, for the chair, internship and country ambassador, we have some mechanism selection process.

GM MUN takes US$8 or IDR 100K for the conference fee, and if you want to take the MUN School, you need US$3 or IDR 30K extra. However, you can get free MUN School if you have a reference code.

You can do a bank transfer which the account number and detail will be sent to your email after you register yourself.

You can pay via PayPal or Bank transfer which the details will be sent to your email after you register yourself.

Everyone has the opportunity to be the Delegate of GM MUN, if you are someone that is eager to learn and ready for new challenges we proudly have you in this conference.

Yes, we’ll provide all the GM MUN delegates with WhatsApp Group alongside with the chair and committee for good communication.

MUN School is a mentoring platform to learn MUN. You will have a mentor and assign in the small group.

Yes, you can. It will take IDR 50K or US$5. However, we really encourage you to join the MUN Conference also to gain more experience and improve your soft-skill significantly.

You will get your country and council allocation as soon as possible along with the study guide and the Rules of Procedure maximum 2 weeks prior to D-day of conference.

GM MUN will held fully virtual through Zoom Premium. This is also applicable to MUN School class platform.

Contact Us

For further information and details kindly contact us through: Instagram: @globalmillennialmun
Email to
+1 (204) 400 6061
(Helen Graciela - Director of Community Development)